Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Seare Family Update January 2012

Is caffeine free!
Trying to run/walk with a bum knee
A little more health conscience
Loving the Jazz
Dancin it up to Just Dance 3 on the wii

Back to running!
Contemplating another marathon
Figuring out the new IMac
Figuring out photoshop C5
Desperately trying to catch up on the blog
Also dancin it up to Just Dance 3 on the wii

Growing tall
Wants to play with his friends every single day
Loves chasing and teasing his brother
Iron is his current obsession
Shares well with his brother
Loving preschool
Also dancin it up...

Not saying a whole lot
But clearly says ball, daddy, Mama, Hi
Is obsessed with balls, if we go ANYWHERE and he sees a ball, he freaks out, and if he can't have it, melt down ensues.
Loves imitating his brother
Is always hungry. If he sees food, he wants it
Has about 5 blankies with tags and wants them all at once
Frequently shakes his head no
Loves baths, would take several a day if allowed
Also loves dancin to the is our latest family obsession. Hopefully it lasts!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miles Starts Nursery

We got a phone call earlier this week from a lady in our ward saying Miles would be starting nursery this week and she was his teacher. We were pleasantly surprised since he won't be 18 months for a couple of weeks. Let's face it, church and a rambunctious toddler is not the funnest 3 hours of our week, but now it's 1 hour 10 minutes followed by the remaining time actually listening and learning (well for Steve, I teach, so I can't have Miles in class). Miles' first day went swimmingly! There were several criers and Miles just looked at them like "Why are you crying?" I set Miles down with a toy and went to teach my class. When I checked on him he was happily drinking from his sippy. When Steve checked on him, he was giving high-fives and showing his belly to his teachers. He was so happy when Steve got him after church. I love my silly, happy boy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Another preschool party I did not want to miss. The Thanksgiving feast was not a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but a feast it was. They started with a story about Thanksgiving and then moved on to craft time. They made beaded necklaces with bear claws. They then moved to the theatre room to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving...which has been Owen's favorite movie this season. While they watched the show we set the table in a square so they could all sit around and got their indian headbands and pilgrim bonnets all ready. Miss Kathy let them eat as much as they wanted, and Owen was the last at the table. He loved the carrots and fruit with fruit dip, and just wanted more and more. They also had rolls, olives, bananas, and turkey lunch meat. They ended with taking turns shooting Miss Kathy's awesome bow and arrow. This kids really loved doing that.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas in October

While the weather was still nice and lovely, Steve somehow got talked into putting up our Christmas lights. He borrowed a coworkers truck and ladder and Owen was loving it! For the record...this is the first time in my life having Christmas lights on my house. EVER. So exciting! It was bit of a trial and error, apparently, the clips DO server a purpose! AND Steve is terrified of heights. We are glad he managed to survive and make my Christmas dreams come true!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trunk or Treat at the Disco

Grandpa Scott was obligated to a Trunk or Treat for his work and we decided to pop in and pay him a visit...I feel good that we really got our money's worth of costumes. Scott and a couple of other guys were hippies or whatever you call it, but it was awesome. It was also Owen's first encounter with a witch. She had an orange wig and orange eyelashes. She said, "why don't you pick a candy bar?" He was so freaked out that he said just put it in my bucket. He really wanted to get way and fast. Ha! Since then, he has stated he wants to be a witch for halloween next year. I am rooting for Harry Potter or Jack Sparrow. They are kind of witch like, right?